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At a glance (Whos carrie underwood dating)

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What I'm looking for (Whos carrie underwood dating)

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When they did steal some alone time, Carrie was wiped out physically and emotionally.

He proposed to her about a year later and they got married a year after that.In a recent feature she wrote for Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald, the 28-year-old beauty reveals that she was attracted to bad boys from an early age, and that her first kiss was with a baggy pants-clad skater, who appealed to her because he was “dangerous.” “My first kiss happened at 14.It was with a skater guy who had long hair and baggy jeans,” she writes.“He didn’t live in my town, and I was attracted to him because he was different from the other boys at school …Could Carrie Underwood end up being a single lady in 2014?As much as we hope it's not true, there are several reports floating around that Carrie and her NHL player husband Mike Fisher are headed towards a divorce. Carrie is thrilled about all the opportunities but she's very conflicted and confused.

She and Mike are barely speaking," a source close to Carrie recently told he was traveling with his hockey team and they barely saw each other.

"Between his schedule with the Nashville Predators and her rehearsals, they barely saw each other the last three months.

We're super bummed to hear this news and hope it's just a rough patch or small talk going around!

She did retweet a tweet one of his family members posted on Christmas Eve.

She's also promoted his TV and media appearances recently too.

Though Carrie Underwood is now happily married to NHL star Mike Fisher, the singer hasn’t always had the greatest luck in love.