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At a glance (Who is hala gorani dating)

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Once, it was said that her husband is George Wassouf , a singer from Lebanon but there was no evidence to confirm this.

Hala Gorani likes American Idol and Yann Moix, a French novelist dedicated his novel to her. Even if Hala Gorani is 44 years old, according to her recent photos, she looks beautiful and she has a body which is well maintained. Even if she lived with Muslims and she has their genes, her religion is Christianity.She is considered to be a beauty with brain and she likes to wear an A line skirt that shows her hot and toned legs.She is six inches of height and she always looks elegant regardless of the type of the dress she wears.It is not clear if she is married or not since she likes to keep her private life away of the public.Hala Gorani with full name Hala Basha Gorani, she is a Syrian American raised in French.She is an international correspondent of CNN and she is based in London.

She is an anchor of The World Right Now with Hala Gorani at CNN. She was the co-host of the Your World Today together with Jim Clancy until 2009.

She co-hosted International Desk up to 2014 for the Atlanta Headquarters of CNN.

Hala Gorani was born in Washington: Seattle in the year 1970. She is a citizen of US and was raised by French and Syrian parents.

Gorani lived mostly in Paris and a part of her childhood in Algeria. She got her bachelor of science in the economics under George Mason University, in Virginia and graduated in the Institut d’etude Politique in France.

She speaks many languages including Arabic, French and English.

She likes Paris and she considers it as her home and it is the place where her mother lives.