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With so many sites having been breached, there seems to be a common thread in the banking and e-commerce reactions.

The top right corner is an effective spot to place your subscription forms, banner, or just about any action hat you desire users to take.Last week I passed on an opportunity to attend a 2-day seminar on ethical hacking, which made me realize that this information is becoming very accessible.Small wonder therefore to see the rash of attacks against numerous corporate and government websites, such as the CIA or the International Monetary Fund: art_id=3736 Many of these cyber-attacks apparently used SQL injection to get past firewalls or network perimeter security.Music City Machinery, LLC was founded and is operated by J. To replace this text, go to "Widgets" page and start adding your own widgets to the "Top Custom Widget". Custom contet area (You decide what you want here).

Both have served in the capacity of Caterpillar dealer sales representatives for new equipment as well as international purchasers and sellers of used construction and mining equipment around the globe. Additionally, their expertise allows them to help their clients disperse their equipment fleets by using their knowledge of knowing where to place machines.

and Mike have an extensive background in the heavy equipment industry. and Mike have extensive experience in travelling the world in order to source, value, and purchase equipment for their clients.

In the case of the Lulz Sec group, a 19-year-old member just arrested was alleged to have breached a British law enforcement system, for motives that are unclear.

This approach to network intrusion is now being referred to by some experts as “low-hanging fruit”, in other words presumably quite easy if you know how!

Clearly, re-evaluating network perimeter security should be a priority for all at this point.

Equally important is, what happens once an intruder is inside?