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Alexa Nelson
“God, how I want to feel the cock....”
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At a glance (Trueonlinedating com)

Sign of the Zodiac Taurus Check compatibility » Aquarius, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo
Personality Social Social, Private, Average, Very Social

What I'm looking for (Trueonlinedating com)

  • Male or Female, for friendship
  • Male, for a relationship or sex

I looked on the site like everyone else to cancel my membership. So after figuring out you had to call in, I called in to find out that I was a day late and that my card had already been charged. I signed up for the free trial, I put my CC information in not even thinking twice that once the 'free trial' was over they would ask me to sign up.

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Not too bummed out, they offered me a free month, and told me to call in to cancel on a certain date.I figure, "okay well it's not too bad and it wasn't my fault for not calling in." But of course, what happens?You don't have the date imprinted on your head anywhere, and nor do you get any email reminders of any sort that your membership is about to expire.So after forgetting a few times, I finally decided to call in and cancel, thinking I got it in time. When they offered me the 'time compensation' again, I knew something was up.I figured, "wait a minute, I must be a sucker if this is what they do to all customers who call in." So I called back, wanting a refund.I didn't want "time compensation" and I figured since I agreed to it and hung up, that was all the compensation they needed to give.

When I called back, they told me the bad news that they couldn't give me one.

I asked for a manager, they told me it wasn't a 'Administrative' issue, and it's part of the Terms and Conditions Agreement signing up for the site.

I was immediately enraged because I felt it was a deceptive practice.

So I asked to cancel, but I was warned that if I did, I'd have to cancel and lose the month that I just paid for.

They couldn't set a certain date or cancel it after my month was over, like I had requested.

So they cancelled my account, my card was still charged for the month, and I was an unhappy camper.