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At a glance (The computer must be restarted before updating)

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What I'm looking for (The computer must be restarted before updating)

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Ever since my last (successful) update, every time I boot up I receive the Adobe message "The computer must be restarted before updating can continue. "I've lived with this as all it requires is for "No" to be clicked on each startup (clicking "yes" simply re-boots the PC with the return of the message again), however, I now discover that when I try to run Adobe Updater, the same message comes up. This means that I can no longer update and therefore the problem becomes more serious.

Still, evey time I start-up, I receive the message that I need to re-start. After restarting, the restart required message was back... Now I have tried PA Bear's thing and I will try to post a reply if and when I get a prompt for an update.I have been asked if I want to download: Security Update for the 2007 Microsoft Office System (KB973704) Security Update for Windows XP (KB969947) Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - November 2009 (KB890830) PA, are you joking? You may have some secret definition of "hijack," but on all the numerous boards I've been on, it's highly appropriate to reply to a thread when you have the same question as the OP...Forgive me for not clearly stating in my first post that I'm having the exact same problem as the OP, but I think any reasonable person could infer that from the fact that I said I tried the advice in this thread... Having checked through this thread myself, perhaps you are a little confused because some moderator or other has decided to merge 3 of my posts into one?"Gerry" wrote: Bob Select, Start, Help and Support, Keep your Windows up- to-date with Windows Update, Review your Update History. i am running Win XP SP3 (sorry about not posting this fact). I have been getting this continuous notification, so I followed your steps.

I have a Fujitsu and have the same problem--I deleted the contents of the download folder and will reboot.

Immediately after clearing the Downloads folder, the computer said the following update was available, but gave no specifics, until after I clicked OK to install, which I then cancelled.

I am running Win XPhome SP3 Installing Update for Windows XP (KB968389) I am running Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 SP3.

My machine is a Dell Inspirion 1520, built mid last year. If someone could tell me how to check that I'd be happy to.

I tried Dave's approach and I got a message saying that an access denied error had occured and that I might need to log in as an admin. It automatically put the computer into selective start mode, causing me to have a selective start message when the computer rebooted.

I went back through Dave's steps, but this time put the computer BACK into normal start mode before closing the msconfig window.