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“Dating for free sex”
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At a glance (Spice or nice dating review)

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Personality Social Social, Private, Average, Very Social

What I'm looking for (Spice or nice dating review)

  • Male or Female, for friendship
  • Male, for a relationship or sex

The effects that are similar to the effects of cannabis are due to the fact that Spice has a number of herbal and natural ingredients that are mixed together to create an herbal smoking blend.The mixture also includes an active ingredient called synthetic cannabinoid drugs that come in different proportions for various effects, but the differences are quite subtle.

The combination of the herbs and the ratio of the components make this herbal drug an appealing one.New Zealand, Austria, Germany and France have made Spice illegal and the United States regulates it.The herbs in the product have been used by ancient cultures for ritualistic purposes and people can now enjoy it for its psychoactive effects.Once you try Spice, you’ll realize that it can be a great substitute for cannabis.In fact, Spice is actually marketed as legal way to get the effects that cannabis can give.There are three different kinds of the Spice blend and these include Spice Silver, Spice Gold, and Spice Diamond.

What sets the varieties apart is the amount of the product that the packages contain.

Generally, people ingest Spice by smoking it in joints and mixing some tobacco in it as well as you would with cannabis and you can also use a bong.

Spice is banned in the United States, this review is for informational purposes only.

— Find out why Spice smoking blend is banned, click here to read why spice is banned.

Spice is the latest craze among legal highs that has got many people hooked.

It is actually an herbal blend that is sold legally in various regions of the world including Canada and some parts of Europe.