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At a glance (Shim changmin dating)

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What I'm looking for (Shim changmin dating)

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Two characters were created by friends for the purpose of this story. Catch Me if you wanna~ HOMIN (Jung Yunho X Shim Changmin) Fanfiction. Re-Post dari fanfic-ku yang berjudul sama di ffn~ "Wangjeonha (Yang Mulia Raja), sebentar lagi anda akan mendapatkan seorang penerus. They realize they are treated as if they are merely things that please and entertain, and not one of them has the willpower to put an end to the inhumane treatment — that is, until they are met with individuals who want to help, but are forbidden to.I'm also the one who had done all the editing, so if there are any mistakes, let me know :) This is my first attempt at writing fanfiction so please be kind. Wangseja (Pangeran Mahkota) yang akan meneruskan perjuangan anda, dan akan membuat negara Silla berjaya dan semakin besar."Dan benar saja, setelah seorang tua itu selesai berucap, dengan satu dorongan kuat terdengarlah suara teriakan melengking seorang bayi lelaki penerus darah kerajaan."Tapi ingatlah Wangjeonha, Itu semua hanya akan terjadi jika sang Wangseja bisa menemukan Wangbi (Permaisuri) yang tepat, yang sanggup mendampinginya memimpin negara."HOMIN( Jung Yunho X Shim Changmin) Fanfiction dalam Bahasa Indonesia~! Can these fearful men kill the seed that brings injustice, inequality and plant a sapling unto a nation that has known slavery and harshness all its life?

I marked the story as Mature because of the violence. I'm not using mature language but I do get rather descriptive when detailing fight scenes. I've been working on this story for a very long time and have made a lot of changes over several years.Still having difficulty finishing it so I decided to see what happens if I post it.It originally started as a fanfic but then grew into something more. HOMIN ( Jung Yunho X Shim Changmin ) Fanfiction in Bahasa Indonesia Re-post dari fanfiction-ku yang berjudul sama di ffn From sharing values to sharing rooms to sharing their very existence till many people who know them cannot think of one without the other - they have done it all for almost half their lifetimes, that it leads to something they no longer need to share. Apakah mereka akan saling jatuh cinta atau tambah membenci satu sama lain?Now I'm back to working it as fanfic to see where it will go. Shim Changmin, si anak teladan di universitas Seoul, tiba-tiba ditembak oleh Jung Yunho, manusia ter-menyebalkan yang ada di dunia. "La voz tranquila de Yunho le llega como una caricia al alma, un confort que tiene muy bien merecido, porque es egoísta y se quedó junto a él sólo para no compartirlo con nadie más, porque lo ama de una forma que es posesiva, porque aunque esté mal, se siente tan bien." In a world where only status is of any consequence, five young men are forced to confront their worst fears — their inevitable future. More "proof" photos of the rumored relationship between TVXQ's Changmin and f(x)'s Victoria have been uncovered.

The photo collection includes pictures of supposed evidence, such as hand-holding and matching accessories, that many believe suggest the two idol stars are dating.

Netizen views regarding the rumor remain mixed with some saying this is "," while others are piecing different stories together to create an entirely new one.

Yunho no es que fuera tan denso, bueno sí lo era; pero hasta él sabía que la prueba en que estaba poniendo a Changmin ya había sido superada y que del mismo modo en que él tenía fuertes sentimientos hacia éste, sus emociones eran correspondidas.

Changmin got a bullet in the past and he knows Yunho who is a beautiful shy doctor.

The young cop fell in love with the man who saved his life.

Meanwhile Siwon works hard to treat well Changmin's best friend, Kyuhyun who is a Hallyu star. Shindong is the police chief who gives these two a dangerous mission and Boa is behind their back.