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At a glance (Romatic dating site in sri lanka)

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What I'm looking for (Romatic dating site in sri lanka)

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Let me tell you, as cheesy as this sounds, it was anything but!

Restricted breakfast buffet times are something I really hate). It was far too much for me to eat (I'm not one of those people who can put away tons of food at once - I prefer small, multiple meals a day) but I know a lot of people eat a lot, so they'd be quite happy with it. The entire back part of the place is open to the beach and the pool. Nice poolside bar, nice pool (small but I loved it).All meals can here can be eaten whenever and WHEREVER. It made me feel like I was relaxing in someone's private mansion.You can eat in the area with the tables near the kitchen, in your room, on your balcony, on the beach, poolside - you name it! While we did see two young girls with their parents (why!?), this really isn't a place for children (in my opinion). We are extremely glad that you enjoyed your stay with us and that you appreciate the details that go into making your stay perfect.It's for couples wanting to spend a romantic time away, relax and unwind. The pictures are lovely and say a lot about how you enjoyed your stay with us. We are glad that you and your family enjoyed your stay with us. its on two levels and the private plunge-pool is open to sky!We hope you will visit us again soon for a relaxing stay at Aditya! The pictures are amazing and speak volumes about your experience! Warmest Regards Shami & the Aditya Team One romantic place for a couple to have a honeymoon or just unwind and relax! The large room mean you have plenty of space to chilax!

Warm Regards, Shami and the Team We spent 3 nights here after 4 nights in Bentota at Club Villa. :) Aditya was peaceful and calming from the moment you stepped through its main entrance.

Did extensive research on other '5 star' hotels in Hikkaduwa/Galle area prior and after our stay and checking out the other options am convinced that Aditya is the best choice in the area unless you want a larger more 'large-hotel' type environment. We sat down to a great welcome drink and were able to take in the various areas of the first level including the vast open dinning area. The polished cement floors can be slippery so use the slippers provided by the hotel!

Back in April my husband and I stayed at Aditya,which is located in Hikkaduwa (a bit between Colombo and Galle).

I am just now getting around to writing the review!

First off, let me say that this place is absolutely stunning! Our suite was absolutely marvelous, and I'm sure the others all are.

It was spacious - especially the bathroom, which had a plunge pool. Upon arrival we waited in the lobby with a welcome drink as the hotel workers ran the plunge pool, put on music and had lit incense all around the room.