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At a glance (Oleg dating online russia ru)

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Новый патриотический клип Олега Газманова о Величии России на песню "Вперёд, Россия! Прошу, назло врагам, сделать максимальное количество ретвиттов и поделиться новой ссылкой на клип с друзьями в соцсетях, чтобы клип невозможно было удалить",- Олег Газманов.

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He is credited with moving the capital of Rus' from Novgorod the Great to Kiev and, in doing so, he laid the foundation of the powerful state of Kievan Rus'.He also launched at least one attack on Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire.According to East Slavic chronicles, Oleg was supreme ruler of the Rus' from 882 to 912.This traditional dating has been challenged by some historians, who point out that it is inconsistent with such other sources as the Schechter Letter, which mentions the activities of certain khagan HLGW of Rus' as late the 940s, during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Romanus I.The nature of Oleg's relationship with the Rurikid ruling family of the Rus', and specifically with his successor Igor of Kiev, is a matter of much controversy among historians.Having fixed his shield to the gate of the imperial capital, Oleg won a favourable trade treaty, which eventually was of great benefit to both nations.

Although Byzantine sources did not record these hostilities, the text of the treaty survives in the Primary Chronicle.

The Primary Chronicle's brief account of Oleg's life contrasts with other early sources, specifically the Novgorod First Chronicle, which states that Oleg was not related to Rurik, and was rather a Scandinavian client-prince who served as Igor's army commander.

According to the Primary Chronicle, Oleg was a relative (likely brother-in-law) of the first ruler, Rurik, and was entrusted by Rurik to take care of both his kingdom and his young son Ingvar, or Igor.

Oleg gradually took control of the Dnieper cities, captured Kiev (previously held by the Varangian warlords, Askold and Dir) and finally moved his capital from Novgorod there.

The new capital was a convenient place to launch a raid against Tsargrad (Constantinople) in 911.

According to the chronicle, the Byzantines attempted to poison Oleg, but the Rus' leader demonstrated his oracular powers by refusing to drink the cup of poisoned wine.