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At a glance (Naked women gabon)

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Participants were shocked and reacted angrily during the preview of the video, which has already gone viral.

A video of two naked, handcuffed female protesters in police custody in Gabon is being shared widely in the African country.The story began in a street market in Gabon’s capital Libreville around two weeks ago, according to local media.A group of female market vendors seem to have stripped naked, to protest against what they called police “racketeering”. “The person who is laughing deserves a good beating,” said another.“Every day they ask us for money or seize our merchandise, telling us that we are [illegally] obstructing a public route,” Le Nouveau Gabon newspaper quoted one vendor as saying. That might have been that, except that a mobile phone video began circulating this week. The video has sparked anger against the police and accusations on social media of police brutality.Gruesome video has surfaced of a mob inserting broken bottles and other objects into a female’s genitalia over alleged stealing of pepper.The first public showcase of the horrible incident was made on Thursday at a book launch in Lagos. Joe Odumakin who was reviewing the book; Human Rights on Gender, Sex And The Law in Nigeria.

The book is authored by Yinka Olomojobi, a lecturer at the Babcock University.

The clip showed how a mob stripped a female naked after beating her severely and then sodomized and raped her with sticks and bottles repeatedly.

It shows officers bundling two of the women out of a truck into the courtyard of a police station, handling them roughly as they protest. One version has been viewed nearly 15,000 times on You Tube. It’s not clear who posted the video, but it seems to have been shot within a police compound, and a woman can be heard laughing off-screen during the filming. It is not the first time African women have protested by stripping off.

A group of elderly women in a village in northern Uganda did the same earlier this year as part of a long-running conflict with the government over land rights.

According to reports the two protesters in Gabon were released following the uproar over the video.

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