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At a glance (My neighbor is intimidating me)

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What I'm looking for (My neighbor is intimidating me)

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He only does that when I am alone or with female friends.He's an older guy- mid 40s and has at least 8 to 10 inches on me. I feel threatened with the constant verbal abuse, the stalking of my entrance and exits, and the fact that he previously tried to get into my apartment.

my neighbor is intimidating me-89my neighbor is intimidating me-24

because he has started coming to my door and verbally abusing me (last night) and harassing me and my friend (tonight). I'm turning to you for advice regarding a situation that is escalating. because my question is at the end of explaining the situation.I have a neighbor who I think is mentally unstable.Last May, when I knocked and stated that his tv was too loud- he tried to get into my apartment to "prove" that I couldn't hear the music. Here is the kicker- he is now harassing me every time I leave my apartment.I HAVE to pass in front of his door to get to the elevator and I can't take the stairs because I just had foot surgery.Last night, he was ranting and raving about how I need to "find someone to amuse me" so I would get a life.

Tonight he was accusing my friend and I of "sneaking up on his door" when we were standing at the elevator, about fifteen feet from his door.

Basically, I just want out- but my lease isn't up until June.

She won't talk to me and the property is owned by Sterling.

You know- the guy who had all these lawsuits and we are still waiting to see his "homeless" shelter come up- so their legal team is strong and not caring about this situation.

Now my question- I'm under the crazy impression that a live-in manager should return my phone calls.

I'm also under the impression that if a tenant feels threatened and there's a police record- that there should be something I can do to deal with this issue.