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Active for Life created business opportunities for companies around the Baltic Sea by supporting the development of innovative service solutions, based on real user needs within the wellbeing and health promotion sector.

This will allow the coach to realize the correct timing of moving a skier on to more challenging tasks of skill development.The following terms explain the stages of skill development that a young skier will progress through when learning new skills.This progression will aid the coaches in determining where their skiers are on the continuum.The Michigan Policy Network is a student-led public education and research program to report and organize news and information about the political process surrounding Michigan state policy issues.It is run out of the Department of Political Science at Michigan State University, with participation by students from the College of Social Science, the College of Communication, and James Madison College.The thoughts, opinions, and positions represented herein are solely those of the participating students and in no way represent an official position or policy recommendation of Michigan State University.

Objetivo La ventanilla, operativa en la Sede de Buenos Aires del CUIA, brinda un servicio de información sobre los programas universitarios italianos y europeos, con el fin de promover la movilidad de estudiantes, investigadores y docentes con las universidades italianas y europeas.

Actividades Las principales actividades de la ventanilla son: • Proveer un servicio informativo y de orientación sobre el sistema universitario italiano y sobre la oferta didáctica y de investigación de las universidades del CUIA;• Difundir las actividades y los programas universitarios italianos y europeos, con particular referencia a las oportunidades de financiamiento, estudio e investigación ofrecidas por el CUIA;• Promover los programas de cooperación universitaria italianos y europeos con Argentina;• Asistir a nivel general a los interesados en participar de los programas universitarios italianos y europeos;• Realizar sesiones informativas (llamadas info-day) en las universidades argentinas y otros entes.

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Coaches must be competent in assessing at which stage of skill development their skiers are at.