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International Rescue's spokesman confirms Miliband “brought two people with him,” and adds, for good measure, a “smiley face.” Three smiley faces would have seemed more appropriate.Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.

Anonymous, who have been on a week long sprint/spree to paralyze website sites like Mastercard and Paypal, are often described in the news as a "group" with "members." This is usually followed by a series of prolonged qualifications and caveats because many characteristics we usually associate with groups don't seem to apply comfortably with Anonymous: there are no leaders, anyone can seemingly join, and participants are spread across the globe, although many of them can be found on any number of Internet Relay Chat Channels where they discuss strategy, plan attacks, crack jokes, and often pose critical commentary on the unfolding events they have just engendered.Earlier this week, The Economist listened in on the IRC channels, opening a fascinating window into the order behind the seeming chaos of Anonymous and providing a sense of how the Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks are coordinated by a trusted group of Ops who leverage the labor of thousands of other contributors.But there is a lot more to how Anonymous, at least in this operation, deliberate about their mission, make decisions, and produce collective statements, such as Manifestos.Here I want to give a fuller picture of what it looks like to participate in Anonymous, how they arrive at some consensus, how they change tactics, and how they use technology to produce collaboratively.Charities in the States are, however, required to file tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service, which includes the salaries of top executives.Such returns are by fiscal year, which for International Rescue begins Oct 1 and ends Sept 30.

The returns are filed to the IRS in the first half of the subsequent year.

Miliband, who went to his first rodeo last week “with the legendary Twirp Anderson,” declines to comment, but should his brother Ed be toppled as Labour leader, it will not go down well with the charity if he hot-foots it back home.

David Miliband is expected, however, to cost the International Rescue charity in New York around £1million in his first year, taking into account his own £300,000 salary and relocation and other costs, together with the costs of his imported sidekicks, Ravi Gurumurthy and Ollie Money, respectively his former political strategist and PR man.

Still, Miliband has never come cheap: in one year as the MP for South Shields in South Tyneside, he grossed £288,000 in outside earnings on top of his parliamentary salary of £65,000.

The International Rescue charity, which is generously supported by Miliband’s old friend George Soros, declines to talk about remuneration packages.

“I’m afraid we don’t disclose compensation packages of staff members,” its spokesman informs me in an email.