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"After me will come the deluge." This proverb is used when we wish to intimate that we give ourselves no trouble or concern about what will happen after our decease. "After losing we often continue to lose." Misfortunes seldom come alone.

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"Strong water." "Aqua regia," "Royal water." Two chemical preparations well known for their solution of metals. "One man carries his obsequious complaisance to excess [the toad-eater]: another wrangles eternally about trifles, things of no consequence what- ever, and, armed with jargon, combats every thing you say [the man of rude and blunt manners]." The application of "Alter rixatur, a XTov fat-. "A cough sometimes indicates the embarrassment of a harper, musician, sometimes shows that he is at a loss how to go on, that he is in a fix." "When a musician hath forgot his note, He makes as though a crumb stuck in his throat." Apparent rari nantes in gurgite vasto. "They appear thinly scattered and swimming in the vast deep." This phrase, originally used to describe the mariners surviving a shipwreck, is now critically applied to a literary work in which the few thoughts of value are nearly overwhelmed in a mass of baser matter. " Two or more rooms." The French word for a "single room" is chambre. "He bewails the loss of the water, when he washes himself." He'll not lose the paring of his nails.

"Rich are those who have [true] friends." Aquila non capit muscas.

"An eagle does not trouble himself to catch flies." A goss-hawk beateth not a bunting.

word is pupilla; all which signify what is commonly called the bird of the eye: that little opening, or round hole, that admits the rays of light, and through which is reflected from the bottom of the eye, that little image, that little boy or girl, that puppet [pupilla], which is discerned by every person who looks attentively into the eye." Apres la mort le medecin.

words are irap&evoq [parthenos], Koprj [kore], and irate [pais], and the Lat. "After death the doctor." Apres la pluie vient le beau temps.

"According to our method," says Lemon, "of writing this word [apple], any person would suppose that, by the apple of the eye, we meant the ball of the eye: but, notwithstanding the apparent connection between these two ideas, the apple of the eye means quite an- other thing ; at least, the derivation points out a different meaning ; for the Gr. words, from which we have taken our expression, do really signify quite a different thing from the ball of the eye; the Gr. "After rain comes fine weather." After a storm comes a calm.

"Let the appetite or desire be obedient to reason." Apple of the eye.