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In salesmanship a man's value is determined absolutely by himself. If the salesman is successful, he has got to be paid big money, or some other concern will grab him, and an employer is always anxious to keep a star salesman, because star salesmen are scarce. The 'man who can sell hardware or groceries, or any, of the staple lines, can go oiit and sell stocks and bonds, insurancp, real es- tate, or any of the special lines, be- cause the same principles that apply in selling groceries also apply in sell- ing insurance or anything else. --- - - - 7 nurses persons Toil know that "Vibration means new life, pcwer. You know it is Nature's way to banish pain and to give you new energy and vitality. i From now 'on the Vitaiiulser wiill be pointed to as the cor- rect method to gain good health, new life, streng-t'h, vital- ity and freedom from the numberless disorders rheuma- tism, sciatica, sore amd stiff muscles. It is a complete guide for the flower and vegetable garden. When You MUST Have Immediate PROTEC- TION from DROWNING and EXPOSURE — You Need au— ■--:3 '2 Keeps 'en Seconds ^^^ Not Air Inflated Buoyancy Is Indestructible Warm and Dr' \\ Other devices may keep you afloat, but cannot be relied upon; nor will they protect you from exposure — the causa of most deaihg at sea. ON YACHTS AND POWER BOATS ^^^^^.^Z^^: Suits are being used because they are acknowledged the "cnly life-saving device that has made good" — the only device in which YOU CANNOT DROWN— YOU CANNOT CHILL Ask for Pamphlet "119-A." NATIONAL LIFEr PRESERVER CO., II BROADWAY, NEW YORK Telephone Bowling Green 8609 Terriiorial Agencies Granted Tone varies greatly in different makes o£ plionograpfis"* And it is for improved tonal quality that aii producers strive. Indiananolis, Ind, ^r Plamts and full particulars on yoitr ^r National Tire Repair Service and ^ details of your FHEB sohool of tiro repairing. His audience will certainly kiiow, because he will talk well, no matter what his subject." "How to Become a '■Master of English," This Booklet is absolutely free. Five Year Guarantee I personally stand back of ev- ery machine that eroes through my factory witli a written five year gu:.rantee of service. That means I guar- antee the machine I put into your hands to give you five full years of service. Made in twenty styles, suited to all penmen, and are in- dorsed by 59,000 bankers, court officials, railroads, colleges, bookkeepers, etc. But what glorious rewards await tliose earnest souls who arc lifting themselves above llie dead level of averageness by developing now the mental qualities that are sternly demanded in business end profes- sional life. op Pols'-, liow to dotniuate situations, how to ciuato gooil iuipresstous, how to I'o M an iiidiiidiial cr an audience, etc. In fact that was what led me to investigate and study the cause of poor memory and the remedy. Decide noiv and do it for your O'wn greater happiness Alt SVIethods SMow Known are Cast Aside by La Sa^e Peas"! Vovtv face, even ■anas, hands, Elioulders are beautiful beyond yoiu' fondest dreams. 1 and my hair has ceased to fall out and is now in good condi- tion." Mi'S. Is pleasant and does not interfere with one's dally occupation, being worn at night. Loolc at it and you SEE the simplest and smallest hearing device in the world; use it and you FEEL you have the most wonder- ful piece of mechanism yet devised for afflicted humanity The absolute superiority of the Little Gem was recoguiztd at the Panama- Pacific Exposition, wliere it received the Gold Medal, highest award for car pliones, in competition with the world. It Ls the Quickeat and snrest local lemedy of getting rid of PIMPLi ES.

The Iver Johnson is always safe No level's or buttons to adjust — nothing to remember. Drawn tempered piano-wire springs keep the Iver Johnson permanent alive and ready. If your dealer cannot supply the , Iver Johnson, send us his name and /C address. IVER JOHNSON'S ARMS & CYCLE WORKS 345 River Street FITCHBURG, MASS. 717 Market Street, San Francisco ecrets that Suddenly Made The Simple Recipe Used by a Man Who Rose from a $26 Clerkship to a $10,000 Job as Salesman Almost Overnight By JAMES F, SPENCER N a recent issue of American Mag- azine I told how I got my start in selling. The "ACOUSTICON" has improve- ments and patented foatui'es which Cannot be duplicated. Reiiiem Aier, the Black Beauty isn't an ordinary wheel. Ask for free Sundries Catalog, , HAVERFORD CYCLE CO., f Established 23 years.) Depl. Teaches you how to play any game from Soli- taire to Auction Bridge, Gives you hints for improving your play. 93, i Sffi PATlilii^; niiiiii IMPORTANT LANCAS Registered OUR SERVICES TO YOU aside from the preparation and prosecu- tion of patent applications, cover all classes of in'Bustrial chemistry. which is guaranteed to satisfy you or money 17111 fee refunded. The perfectly bored rifle barrel speeds the bull straight as a streak of light. I related how a friend mine i^opped in on me one day, all 'ssed up like a "bloomin' bloated llionaire," and told me an amazing ny of ups and downs, and how he lally turned to the selling game and lade good. So no inatt«r what you have tried in the Dast%, i Makers of C fs^i i SEES mii'SMES I — Cei CACD \ 81 and how the secret of a good memory may be learned in a single evening By DAVID M» ROTH |°^IFTY members of the Rotary "^"* Club were seated in the banquet hall of the Hotel Mc- Alpin in New York. It is the mosc mag- nificent "bike" in all cycledom. 18 EXCLUSIVE FEATURES WRITE TO-DAY for the Black Beauty Catalog Road all the eighteen distinctive features — including Firestone Blue Non-Skid Tires, exclusive notched finger grips, special "BB" sprocket (choice of coaster brajke makes), &c. Sent prepaid at the cost of publishing — only 20 cents. Our staft of trained chemists are competent to handle analyses of the most intricate and exacting kind. Choice of three grips: Regular, Perfect Rubber, and Western Walnut. I related how Joe's first selling job sted three weeks — his second, six ;eeks — his third, less than two months —and then how he learned the secrets pi selling that suddenly boosted his earnings to $10,000 a year. I was intro- duced to each member in turn, and each gave me his telephone number and told me his occupation. To keep It you simply pay a small deposit, and then send us only $1 a week (or %? Built i« our own bijj factory, and shipped direct to you at wholesale price. Repair Kit, Tool Case and Stand FREE SUNDRIES ^'^^ °"'' factory prices first. With this book and a pack of CARDS you will be sure of enjoying your favorite game to the utmost. Should you desire a formula or data on any subject what- soever, simply write and ask us to ob- tain it for you. Establishecl 1876 9S There is a very effec- tive way to remove freckn. It is in this wa}'^ that Kintho Cream gradually gets rid of the old, freckled skin and gives a soft, clear, white, youthful and beau- tiful skin, which of course should have no freckles. My great complexion beauty marvel has instantly produced a sensa- tion. Tliis woaderful medicated toilet lotion is another origination exclusive of my laiboratory and because of its great efficacy in its various uses it has brought comfoi-t and entire satisfaction to its many liaers. It might bs "well to ad'vise my patrons wlio -wish to • treat Red Noses. I told how I had been struggling dong for years, making a bare living, never getting ahead very far, and how it seemed that I was up against a stone wall so far as any increase in my earnings was concerned. jj^^^ ,,,ig dominating quality may l)e cultivated and hov,' it should be employed. Describes how B this priceless characteristic mav be fostered, and P Knes .simple dliectious for applying it to the prob- ' kins of every-day life. C;i Send me, carriage paid, The Mental Efiicienr Library (10 volumes, cloth tiound). An hour later, after they had changed seats while my back was turned to them, i. You don't have to save up a lot of money' to get tho Black Beauty. Bicycle Playing Cards are used and liked by card players every- where. The cost is only for the service rendered, based on the time re- quired to obtain the data. Just get a box of Kintho Beauty Cream at any drug store and apply it night and morning as directed, and your freck- les should begin to dis- appear in a day or two. You can try it without risk and prove all I say— all that thousands of others say who know the i-esults. Then I explained how Joe's story inspired me to try ray hand at selling, how I got Joe's secret of learning to sell, and how I finally jumped to earn- 'ngs of $192.30 per week as against ^ $26 a week formerly. ST« In Your Auto Radiator or Cooling System Permanently, in 5 to 10 Minutes, with - A Liquid Compound Guaranteed Satisfactory. BUFFALO SPECIALTY CO., 350 Elltcott St., Buffalo, N. No in Bicycle Tires if you treat them with NEVEELEAE TME FLUIB 25c tube will DOUBLE THE LIFE OF A TIRE! Your language largely determines your place among successful men. Points out how you may acquire the strength and initiative so necessary to success. b PRACTICALITY: ^°^^\^^r^: i foiination as to Jiow this science of adapting ? * "°* ^0 ^^ It Effectively, m- I and the e\ativa Uou of correct expression that w U! called each man by name, gave his telephone number and named liis oc- cupation Avithout a single error. We ship im- mediately — just as soon as yoii select froni our Free Catalog the model you want. They never gum or stick, they have large, easily read_ in- dexes, and they are made of high- quality, long-lasting material. Before discloang your invention to anvono send for blank form "Evidence of Conception"' to be si'jned ana witnessed. It is well to get a cake of Kintho Soap also, as this helps to keep the freck- les away, once Kintho has removed them. Stubborn cases have been cured that baffled the physi- cians and beauty specialists for years. Cr.t out Coupon and mail it now, with ttn cents, silver or stamps, to iamonds and Jewels You Never Wear Cut loose, there's money tied up in your jewelry, and iiow's the time to se U. Right here I want to mention a few f the reasons back of Joe's success nd of mine. BUFFALO SPECIALTY CO., 350 EHicolt St., Buffalo, N. 22 The Free Booklet Is for Adults Only— It Will Not Be Sent to Cliildren. The greater j'our vocabulary the greater your power of expression and influence upon your fellow men. means to ends can be applied successfully to all 'i the affairs of life. i ha of the utmost \alue to you in all walks of lifo. { tliat combine to create strong character, and shows S how they may be acquired and utilized to your B best advantage. The following evening in the office of a large business institution I asked the president of the concern to write down fifty words, numbers and names and to number each item. You don't pay a cent until you've seen- the Black Beauty. Best of all, they are sold at the lowest price for which good cards can be obtained. A sample form together with instruction bulletin entitled "How to Establish Yoiu flights" will show you how to wnik up your eviri nee and establish your rights before filing applic Mion for patent As registered patent attorneys we ropre- Aiturneya gg^t hundreds of inventors all over th^ V S an.l Canada in the advancement of inventions Our schedule tt fees will be found rea- sonable. ♦ No matter how old rou are: no matter what ( caused your affliction ; no matter how | many years you have suffered or lio'W ( hopeless you beli&vo your case to be, there is i hope for you in the Philo Burt Method. treated spinal diseases and deformities for years ' are first astonished, then convinced and QUic Iily j become enthusiastic upon finding one success follow another when the Philo Burt Method is ( used. 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First let me say that any man who is dissatisfied with his lot — who is tired of being held down to a salary which can grow only very slowly — who wants more "elbow room" for 4 developing his natural powers, can do no wiser thing than getting a line on the possibilities in selling. ,^i^ *& Cliampion Mop of tlie Worl^ **The Swab Comes a k » j This mop gives almost unbelievable results. Commence now — let Grenville Kleiser teach you through his Mail Course in Practical English, how to Enlarge Your Stock of Words — Use the Right Word in the Right Place- Write Tactful, Forceful Lett-ers, Advertisements, Stories, Ser- mons, etc. » Get These Books on Approval You may secure this complete by smding only $2.00 with yoiu" older. within ten days of leccipt, retuui them to Us and your money will be re- funded in fi Ul. An ho Ur later I called out each item and gave the number opposite which it had been written. Get a pack the next time you visit your dealer — but be sure and send for the book of Rules today— NOW— so you will have it next time you play. The form "Evidence of Concep- tion," sample, instructions r Rlatine to ob- taining patents and schedule of fees sent upon reauest. STICKS EVERYTHING strongest on earth for repairing China, Glassware, Furniture, Meerscfiaum, A'ases, Books, Tipping Bil- liard Cues, &c. Ask us for the names of happy patrons j right in your vicinity. Will ma,ke muddy complexions, red spots, pimples, black- heads, eruptions vanish almost like magic. JOSEPH WOODWORTH WEEKS Diamond Dealer and Cash Buyer of Gems and Jewelry THREE MAIDEN LANE (Fifth Floor) NEW YORK TN THIS DAY AND AGE attention to i. Lotion is absolutely void of sticky or oily sulbatancea.

No work that I know of is better paid or more enjoyable. It makes youv floors RIVAL YOUR PIANO in brightness and cleanliness. — Become an Engaging Conversation' alist— Enter Good Society — Be a Man of Culture, Power, and Influence in Your Com- munity. UGr.i liy tart, adroitness and character study, au(l leaohes how these essential qualities mai b; culiivated. ' This $1.50 Book, ^' How t6 Choose the Right Vocation'* Foni ic jou learn in detail what ability is neided for each of 1,400 distinct \ocations; how to tliscovoc whether or not your present work is \rmi tioht work; how to examine yourself to ascer- tain what work you are best fitted for; how to bring idto jilay your greatest powers; how to make your wor U yield the most satisfaction and profit, etc., etc. Jf the boolcs arc- entirely satisfactory you pay $] 00 a loonth r. At another time I glanced at the license numbers of a hundred and five automobiles which passed. Ask for them — Q4 Mail, telephone, telegraph and cable orders given most prompt and careful attention. State the character of the Subject in which interested. Use MAJOR'S RUBBER CEMENT For repairinp; rubber goods, to patch vehicle tops, umbrellas, &o. A young woman v/Ito was bed-ridden at 28 with spina! ADDRESS CITY 99 ,^ Will m Every Reader o J This Al- manac How- I only ask that you write me first. No crearn, lotion, enamel, salve, plaster, bandage, mask, massaee, diet or apparatus, nothing to swallow. your appearance is an absolute neces- sity if vou expect to make tho most out of life. and being of a c Jeau, refreshing odor renders it most cleanly, in use; can be apilicd just lief ore retiring and allowed to re- inain on all night without fear of soiling the most delicate lingerie or bed linens.

Salesmanship is the kind of work that is productive. It 'Will take only some of your spare moments at home; no repellent grammar study; each as clear as daylight; and inspiring to the highest degree. FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY Publishers «f the Famous "New Standard Dictionary." 354-360 Fourth Avenue New York City FREE "1 see valuable and helpful hints in these lessons. D;;- ■ ' i_ ■■ -' '-^ r* Post Office Date State WILL send you oi^ ten days' free 1*^'^®^ ^ high-grade No. These numbers were written down by wit- nesses in the order in which the cars passed. tuberculosis after siifferinj for 20 years, is married, hapiiy and per- fectly strong and vigorous at 29. Jt doesn't matter whether or not your coirplexdon is a "fright," whether youi' face is fu U of muddy spots; ipeppei-y blac Mioads, embarrassin E pimpleg and eruptions, or whether your skim is joush and "porey," mid you've tried almost everything under the sun to get rid of tbo blemishes. Not only shou Hd you wish to appear as attractive as possible, for your ■own 66lf-6atisfactlon, which ia alone well worth your efforts, but you will find the -worl-d in general judging you g-reatly. etc.; ereu one ;iipplioation often shaws uiarted inipro Toment, M. Just a fesr applications — and very often in an overnight treatment such discomforting slcin troubles as Rash, Hives. Eruptions, "Eczema in its many forms," and other miseraible local skin ii Jfections.

The man v/ho gets the orders is the man who gets the money. The average man of to-day can add largely to his efficiency, influence, and in- come if he will give a, few minutes each day to Grenville Kleiser's fascinating Mail Course in Practical English. JOHN BURROUGHS Famous Naturalist and Writer: BOOTH TARKINGTON Distinguished Novelist and Short-Story Writer, Author of "Monsieur Beaucaire," "Seventeen," etc. Any young man or woman who has an undeveloped literary talent ought to profit greatly by this course." FITNK & WAGNAILS COMPANY, Dept. 4 visible writing Underwood, with Bac.^ Spacer aiid Tabu- lator, Stencil Attachment, Two Color Ri'^^on, Waterproof Cover, and Special Touch Typewriting Instrucu'^^^ Book, that will teach you to operate this simple Underwood in ^^^^ ^^^Y' I will send you an Underwood (rebuilt) for much less than .'Manufac- turer's price. Later I called each number correctly; and gave the order in which the numbers went by. A boy o{ 8 was unabia to v/alloiir cxneuse and you are to refund my money. Tlhis wonderful treatment, i'n just ten days, positively removes every blemish and beautifies your skin ia a marvellous way. It givaj the bloom and tint of purify of a freshly blown rose. fers to tell women of the most lemarkable complexion treatment ever known — No Uhiiig to Wear. E A5IEKICAN AGSKT3 Famous Calvacura Bleihcd of Ilair Culture 227 20th Street, BINGHAMTON, N. 101 Delays Are Dangerous If you suffer from any of tihe hair trou- bles (mentioned opoosite, do not neglect it, but try to relieve the trouble at once. if not wholly, by your "looks," there- fore it pays to "look your best" at all times.

Other lines of work are what are termned "non-productive" and if an employer hates to pay for anything it is for non-productive work. |— I Training for position oi* Head Boobkeejjer, Names. It effect~ 3 Burpee's Annual for 1920 The Leading American Seed Catalog For 1920 Burpee's Annual has been greatly improved. 21 Gentlemen : ' Send specimen of Regular and India papers. : "Your course is almost painfully needed by many professional writers and speakers. 310, New York City, Gentlemen: — Send me free of charge by mail, "How to Become a Master of English," to- gether with full paiiticulars of the Greav Ule Kleiser Course in Piac Ucal English and Men- tal Efficiency. I guarantee to deliver the machine to you in perfe«3 ^^'P" dition. 78 ose Your Grip ■g'X thunderous tones the world calls for men and v\'omen who can do hia, tilings — men and women who can think straight and constructively! , plains ii O'.v this ceiioiis lian- aicap can bo tlirown off and leplawrt by counige. confidence and dignity Tlic need for thesa Qualities and tlie svay to use tlicux wisely ave shown. From Seattle to New York I have appeared before salesmen's meetings, conventions and Rotary Clubs giving demonstrations of mj' memory. Yet I am quite sure I can call nearly every one of these men and women by name the instant I meet them, ask most of them how the lumber business is or the shoe business or whatever business they were in when I was first introduced to them. Hundreds have asked me how S2 I can store so many facts, figures and faces in my mind and recall them at will. lu ten days you can be the subject of the wild admiration of all your friends, no matter what your age or condition of health. Nothing to Talce Internally — Abso- lutely H.irmless and Pleas- ant to Use. Let Us Prove to you at our own risk by sending you a i Samiv Io Treatment that the Calvacura Katu- i-al Method of Hair Cul ture stops the falling of hair, drives away dan- druff and eczema of the scalp and promotes tho growth of new hair Wo will send you a libera! 1 and our book, "Tho Triumph of Science Over Baldness," if you will send your name, address and ten cents, silver or stamps, as evidence of your good faith. Let us send you our illustrated book, "THE TKIUSf PH OI? Permit no one to see you iooklns: other- wise; it will injure your welfaie! 102 CIENCE has found a way for you to hear — perfectly. Trilcty's Anti Eeptic Bleaching and Astringent Lotion i8 the res Tilt of modern scientific Oliemistry.

Every time a little increase in salary is given, it simply adds that much to the expense. The salesman gets orders and every time he gets an order it means a profit to his firm. •Tratnlng for admissioa to bar and executive — business positions reqpulring legally trained i—i EXPERT BOOKKE'EPICSIG: meiu. Address Present Position i' ,' SEE PAGE 66 F&R LIST 01^^ La SALLE MEN WITH PROMINENT ORGANIZATIONS. wonderful Vitapulser is GUARANTBEt D to effect all the astonishing benefits made possible 'by this wonderful method of treatment. Burpee's Annual contains 164 pages, with more than a hundred of the finest vegetables and flowers illustrated in the colors of nature. ri Al T ULr ARimtril ^^nns protected "thousands on the way 'o Ter there.' " STEAMSHi PCOMPANIES RECOMMEND f Jtuar Tn'owie Te of lives saveii where death without an ETer-Warm was certain. A stu- dent who intelligently follows your course w Ul Imow what he is talking about when he talks or when ho writes. You don't even have to buy the machine at the time you get ifc You can try it for ten days tree, and then, if you are 'not entirely satis- fied in every way — send it back at my expense. TBAOE MARK Positively the smoothest points and most durable. Average men lliere are on all sides wliose future will surely run in rifivrow grooves. PERSEVERANCE: Troi^tr'Z tli2 road to the acquisition cf tliis vital powci shows you lio\v to rte\elop to tlve full rletcimina- tioa aucl iiersistence, OPPORTUNITIES: IJi Z'^^t I,;! A lolumo full of common sense, practical .ndvire anit useful suffgestions on the Ijest methods of paiiiiag adcaulages lioni all circumstances. And they are even more mystified when I explain that my memory used to be so poor I would forget a man's name twenty seconds after I met him! So, this minute, send me your name and address on the free coupon, or postal or letter, and by return mail I ^vi U wi-tte you full detai Ls In plain sealed envelope free. You* Com- plexion Can Tjook Like Hers If You Wi U Send Me Your JJ^ame. Upon the impression yoti constantly make rests the failuie or success of your life. My new Nosc-Shaper, "TRADOS" (Mod«l 24), corrects now ill-shaped noses with- out operation, quickly, safely and per- manently. The woiuioiful LITTLE GEM EAR PHONE doubles the joy of liviiis. a production of True raedi- catiou in tho form cf an ngreealble toilet li Quid powder, and a triuonx'Ji o^er sivin ilemiahes that rob one of a good com,ple3don.