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“Want vulgar, young man”
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The cost of five (5) one hour private sessions is $450.00. For those clients who need to visit a veterinarian before the second session, the $150.00 for the initial consultation may be paid and then the remaining balance of $300.00 is due at the second session, giving the client four (4) remaining one hour private sessions.The initial private consultation will provide the client with LOTS of educational information on dog behavior and training, as well as, specific exercises tailored to address the dog’s specific issue.

Before problem solving behaviors, it’s important to understand the difference between normal nuisance behaviors and behavior disorders.If you are seeking help for a fear, anxiety or aggression issue, please fill out the CANINE BEHAVIOR QUESTIONNAIRE.This document is NOT on the website, but must be requested via phone or email.Once it is determined that this issue is indeed a behavior modification issue and not a training issue, the CANINE BEHAVIOR QUESTIONNAIRE is emailed directly to you.When filling out this form, please be as SPECIFIC AND DETAILED as possible.This document provides lots of additional information that paints a broader picture of the dog’s life for the Canine Behavior Consultant.

There is no charge for the Canine Behavior Consultant to review the lengthy document.

In addition, if you decide to book a private consultation, the Canine Behavior Consultant already has most of the information that she needs and it is not necessary to spend an hour taking notes.

Instead, the private consultation (or first session) can be spent demonstrating hands on exercises (and in depth discussion) designed to target the problem behavior. If the client is comfortable with the treatment plan and would like to continue with further sessions, they may purchase a package of private sessions.

A behavior disorder is an emotional disorder related to aggression, fear, and/or anxiety, that is considered excessive or abnormal for that species. Some examples of behavior disorders include human-directed (human-dog) aggression, dog-directed (dog-dog) aggression, separation anxiety, profound fear (dog is unable to recover in a reasonable amount of time) and noise / sound phobias.

Yes, aversive methods risk creating a negative emotional state and may contribute to the development of a behavior disorder.

This is just one of the reasons we discourage use of aversive methods in training.