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How is it that one can feel all such emotions at once without being labeled bipolar? So how do we moms find joy and contentment in these days we are in? Most days I wrestle between being overwhelmed with the blessing I’ve been given to be home with my two beautiful, clever, often hilarious boys and feeling lonely, bored, frustrated, pointless and unimportant.

I’ve been (slowly) reading through Sally Clarkson’s book, Own Your Life.Does that sound like a boring life or a life filled with purpose and significance? We as moms have the opportunity to share those things that Sally mentioned above with everyone whose lives we touch. That sounds like a great adventure and a life I’m excited about. We need to tap into our gifts, recognize the promise the Lord has given us that He will use us, and be ready and open to what adventure He has for us.As moms we feel our audience is small and our stage insignificant, but what you have to realize is that it is quite the contrary.

The audience, while small in stature is really quite susceptible to our message and what they will do with it is immeasurable.

Not only are our children open to what we have to teach, our lives touch many more people than you realize. Don’t just think of them, find them and open up to them. There is so much to the story of your life and what you have to offer is more important than you know.

She has been so encouraging to me to be above the standard and to live a bold and beautiful life.

Sally notably says, “If you dedicate yourself to taking in spiritual wisdom from Scripture, giving yourself wholly to the purposes of God, disciplining the attitudes of your heart, and stepping out in faith to show Jesus to the world, God will use you to shape history.” We all want to be world changers in some capacity.

All it takes is a willing heart and a choice to live out your days with purpose.

Moms have so much opportunity to shape the future and change the world.