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At a glance (Dating oil riggers)

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What I'm looking for (Dating oil riggers)

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A Nigerian father-of-three living in Salford has been jailed for his part in swindling more than £80,000 from an American widow in an online dating scam – and will be kicked out of the country when released.Jonathan Mickey of Goodwood Drive, Salford, pleaded guilty at Manchester Crown Court to one count of possession of false identity with improper intent and two counts of possession of criminal property.

Why does a rig pig, otherwise known as an oil rig worker, make as much as – or even more than – a nurse?But after a few decades of being sold on the idea of higher education with all its expense only to have its promises of lucrative employment consistently disappointed, career seekers are looking again at the trades.We intend to address the above more in depth in an article of its own, but a micro-study of nursing and oil rigging is actually pretty enlightening.To be a nurse requires strength, compassion, a nerve for confronting illness and the human body as well as human emotions. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2008 nurses made between $40,000 and over $90,000 for the highest trained and most experienced.Oil field workers fill a fairly important part of that cycle.The point is not to single out oil rig workers specifically but only for illustrative purposes, and not to denigrate the profession of nursing, but if only also for illustrative purposes.

The point, which we’ll give away right here early in the article instead of making you wait, is to demonstrate that both are important, while they may seem far apart in terms of “professionalism.” A renewed interest is taking place in the trades, and a new respect emerging for manual or blue-collar workers.

Skilled trades had lacked prestige perhaps from too many high school shop students emerging from cars filled with Led Zeppelin and smoke back in the day.

In fact the average pay for an oil rig worker in 2011 was just under $100,000, with “drilling consultants” bringing in over $235,000.

Even at the low end with the most inexperienced and least trained rig workers the average wage was over $65,000.

And even “roustabouts,” who perform just general maintenance and physical labor with very little training, make over $34,000, which is actually equivalent to the median wage for all American workers (1).

These statistics are often met with surprise and sometimes even indignation by younger job seekers, feeling that the data is unjustified. Well, if you’re sick they certainly are, but what about when you want to fill up your car to get to work?