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At a glance (Dating famous person)

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What I'm looking for (Dating famous person)

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Emma Watson recently confirmed her relationship with Oxford student Matt Janney and has now spoken out against dating other celebrities."I don't date people who are famous," she said, before adding that she also hates the downsides to dating non-famous people.

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Speaking about her role in the new movie on the British red carpet, Emma said, "I loved my role. She's very wise, very relatable, and then you hear about the cast, it's like Russell Crowe and Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Connelly and Ray Winstone.Watching the procession of photos felt intimate, like Face Timing a friend, but also creepy, like hacking into someone’s phone. Patrick has a last name even your grandmother who’s never used an app would recognize — his dad's a movie star.But because we’d both been accepted to Raya, we could be chatting in just a few clicks, if we both tapped the heart on each other’s profiles.calls itself "an exclusive dating and networking platform for people in creative industries.” I’ve also heard it called “Illuminati Tinder.” Members are admitted by a secretive, anonymous committee, based in part on their Instagram presence.The result is something like one of those unmarked nightclubs, except it’s in your phone, and peppered with vloggers and net artists in addition to models and Disney stars of yore.And you realise that it's the opportunity to work with people who really are at the top of their game." British-born Emma was clearly excited about being back in her home town for the premiere."Final Noah premiere tonight in London's Leicester Square. The "In my downtime, I don't sex myself up much.

Sometimes I had a hard time convincing directors that I can play more adult roles," she said before also discussing how she plans to celebrate her upcoming graduation.

"I will be there and I will be throwing a huge party and getting very drunk," the 23-year-old admitted.

He had sandy-brown hair, wide-set blue eyes, and a pet monkey.

In the photo, the animal perched on his shoulder, wearing a onesie and stroking his hair.

It was cute, in a weird-text-from-your-little-brother's-friend kind of way.

I pressed a play button and my i Phone filled with a Patrick montage set to music.