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At a glance (Contemporarydating com)

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Personality Social Social, Private, Average, Very Social

What I'm looking for (Contemporarydating com)

  • Male or Female, for friendship
  • Male, for a relationship or sex

If whomever you're seeing can't appreciate the real you, then let it be their loss. Someone who really likes you will appreciate your special snowflake-ness above all else. Could your friends survive an entire weekend away with him? People will spend .000035 seconds evaluating the hotness of your significant other then go right back to figuring out which “Girls” character they’re most like from a Buzzfeed quiz. Buying dinner is not a one-way ticket inside someone's pants, nor should you expect it to be.In the same regard, waiting until after the stereotypical three dates does not ensure a healthy, long-term relationship.

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In today's Tinder-verse, everyone and anyone can get laid if they really want to, so just be real about what you want. Life is not a race with some imaginary finish line, so stop comparing your journey to everyone else’s.If being that upfront sounds more awkward than waking up next to a stranger, I'd start questioning your logic. In a perfect Stepford world, everyone would find the lid to their pot by 22, be married by 26 and pop babies out by 30. Being a real adult is about finding out what makes you happy and going for it. A very wise friend once wrote, “Ultimately, it is completely possible to be absolutely in love with someone who is wrong for you.” Remember, you are no less valuable just because one individual doesn't feel the same spike in hormones as you do. They may not always say it outright (see: commandment one), but people who are no longer invested let it be known.If they ignore you, cancel plans constantly without a valid excuse and generally don’t make you important, they are sending a clear message. I recently rekindled with an old flame only to learn our date that he's already in a serious relationship. It's time for all of us to grow up and be honest with each other.If you're unhappy in your current relationship, end it before moving on. We’ve all been there: the tears, the overindulgence in junk food, the righteous indignation when relaying the story to friends.We've come a long way since “going steady” and “getting pinned” were considered benchmarks for a flourishing couple.Nowadays, people can more easily define a “basic bitch” than their own relationship status.

While the times have most certainly changed, I'd argue that there is still a desire and need for a few common courtesies.

They may even be all the more important now that single Americans outnumber their married counterparts for the first time in history.

We may call it hooking up rather than dating, swipe on our phones rather than approach strangers in a bar or blur the lines between friendships and romance, but that doesn't make our methods any better or worse.

In fact, even casual flings can be healthy and fun.

With all due respect to Pat Benatar, love doesn't to be a battlefield; we all just need to agree on a few basic ground rules. Stop picturing what Instagram filter you’ll use and start imagining your day-to-day relationship.

So, whether you're a guy or a girl, gay or straight, looking for love or just a good lay, here are your 10 commandments of modern dating. Let’s be real here: Are you actually into this person or are you keeping him on the back burner in case nothing better comes along? You might hurt his feelings in the moment, but you’ll be doing him a favor in the long run. Ditch the Tough Guy and Cool Girl act already and be yourself. Would you call that person to bitch about your boss?