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At a glance (Consolidating data multiple excel files)

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What I'm looking for (Consolidating data multiple excel files)

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For example, you’ll probably want to make sure that the first row in the data is used as the header row.

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A common task/nightmare that most Excel Analysts have faced at one time or another is to combine data from multiple Excel files into a single table.Without a solid knowledge of Excel VBA programming, this task typically entails opening each file, copying the data, and then pasting the data into single workbook.The secret to this trick is Power Query’s formula language (also known as “M” language).Each action you take when working with Power Query results in line of code which is written into a “query step”.Browse to the directory which contains all the Excel files and choose just one of them.After a few seconds, the Navigation pane will activate.

In the Navigator pane, choose the sheet that holds the data which needs to be consolidated and then click the Edit button to open the Query Editor.

Use the Query Editor to apply some basic transformation actions.

Query steps are embedded lines of M code that allow your actions to be repeated each time you refresh your Power Query data.

You can extend the utility of that embedded code with your own custom function.

In this example scenario, I’ll walk through the steps for combining the data from a set of files in the C:\Temp directory.

Each file contains a table (with the same table structure) on worksheet named My Sheet.