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Lillian Hill
“ I'be fuck”
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Also, at the Fall Southern Sx S shoot October 22-24 at Backwoods Quail Club near Georgetown, SC there will be plenty to see. _________________over the hill and picking up speed. It is the whole people..disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.".. You can never know for sure which dealers will be there but Steve Barnett, Patrick Willough-Mc Cabe, Kirby Hoyt from Vintage Doubles, and Phil Futrell from Mid-South Guns were there last year. - you can link to more info at the top of this page. &gun ID=928 Oldtiger, here is a gun I've been eyeballing for a few weeks. It looks nice, and depending where the reserve is, could be a nice heirloom. =180502603Goldhky You might also want to check out Willoughby and Mc Cabe and Steve Barnett Fine Guns

I tell her to “steep” with English Ryazan accent: “Well, I’ll help you bring this beast, help! Look, like she understood and zalopotala even faster, then I do not understand anything, and here and the elevator went up.We go to the cabin, I told her and said: “You can slow down, and then quickly I do not understand English and I still have one! Looking for shotgun for quail hunting, protection of our home, and just general use. Make sure that the chambers are 2.75" FROM the factory and that the gun is in proof before you buy it. The chambers were let out to 2.75" on this gun and it was reproofed with the longer chambers. looking for a english shotgun that our son would be proud to inherit when we are gone, any sugestions for sites that can be trusted and gun makers that are of good quality and worth? If it's true English you want a nice Webley and Scott like the one for sale in our classifieds section would suit nicely. If you don't mind a vintage gun, look around for a nice Boswell, or a Cogswell and Harrison, CG Bonehill, or WW Greener. Just this year I bought a 12 gauge J & W Tolley with damascus barrels which was built between 18. If its merely an English STYLE shotfun that you desire, I'd suggest a Grulla or a nice Merkel. I've put around 2,900 cartridges through this old hammer gun since I bought it 2 1/2 years ago. 2.5" chambers are no problem if you reload and 2.5" factory loads are available from several sources at about $11 - $12 a box delivered (in 10 box flats). My 2.5" chambered gun is a 16 gauge Joseph Lang built in 1866 which was rebarreled in damascus by James Woodward in or before 1872.

I'm on my blackberry so I can't see your location but if you're in the US, that short chamber is going to be a financial burden.

It is still a low pressure gun and should not be shot with standard American ammuntion (SAAMI standard).

Again I reload so it is a non-issue but shooting 2.5" shells would be advisable is you do not reload.

Also, even if a British gun has factory 2.75" chambers if it is an older gun its proof may be for lower pressure cartridges than the current SAAMI standard.

But this also true of most American guns of the same vintage. If you reload 2.5" shells aren't too much trouble if you reload.

You did not show your location in your profile so I don't know how far these are located from you but at the Vintagers shoot September 23-26 at Pintail Point near Easton, MD there will be thousands of good old guns to look at. However comparatively speaking, they're twice to three times the price of normal shells if you have to ship them. You need to come to Georgetown in October so that you can see what's at the Fall Sx S.