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At a glance (10 commandments dating song)

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What I'm looking for (10 commandments dating song)

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After having violated God’s spiritual laws throughout the course of human history, man will be forced to realize and appreciate that God’s ways infinitely exceed his own.Six thousand years of agony stand in stark testimony to man’s track record in living contrary to the laws of God, set in motion for man’s own good.

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Many scriptures expand upon them, and in great detail.God has created and sustained the universe with hundreds of billions of galaxies, each consisting of hundreds of millions of stars.Every movement of celestial bodies within these galaxies adheres to the laws of physics and chemistry.From the forces that bind atomic nuclei to the principles that govern these great star systems, God’s laws regulate everything.From the fullness of the earth to the vastness of space, from the breathtaking beauty of the creation to the minds that can comprehend it, all testify to God’s majesty and boundless creative forethought.God’s commands are the universal standard that enables us to know when we are on course and when we have drifted from it.

The Bible—which defines every crucial principle and law governing life—is the standard in directing our paths.

Psalm 119:9 states, “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?

The brilliant scientist Albert Einstein observed the order, laws and forethought that God put into His creation.

While he doubted the Bible’s authority, he was convinced of the existence of a superior intelligence at work in the universe.

Einstein believed there was a “god” who is revealed in the order and harmony of what existed.

He was amazed at the harmony of natural laws, which revealed an intelligence of such superiority that the collective thinking of human beings was utterly insignificant (from God has allowed humanity to exercise free moral agency.